Monday, August 4, 2014

How about a few quilts?

Searching back into my files I've got a few photo's that I need to share, 
so let's get to it shall we?

First couple of quilts are from Rosemary in Ohio.  She's pretty well known on the blog circuit after all she's friends with the ever popular, loving Kelly over at
 I Have A Notion Here's the quilts that Rosemary made......

My next quilter is Karen, she's from right here in New Hampshire.  How about this lovely one?  Karen did an excellent job on it!

For the last quilt of the day, I have a very pretty purple from Andrea.  She is also from New Hampshire.  Love the quilting design that we did on this one....

That's it for today. Hope to be posting more photo's very, very soon.  
 Don't forget you can see more of these beautiful quilts at the other blog:

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