Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Houses, I love house quilts!!

I love Freddy Moran.  If you aren't familiar with this wonderful quilting artist, google her!  But be warned that you will spend a couple of hours just looking at all of the beautiful colors.

Freddy Moran....color, color and more color.  
Red is neutral.

My quilt is a product of a block swap from the guild.  To this quilt 
I added a couple of house that represents my hubbies hobbies to make it 
 "our quilt".

Here's the hubs blocks....

The 'plan' was to make enough of the more complicated hearts, but after finishing 4, I decided I really needed to relax and get this quilt done!  Bring on the new pattern, much better!

The cute button fabric that I used as one of the borders was our focus fabric.  You will find a piece of that fabric in each and every block.

What a fun quilt, I did love putting it together....

that's it for today..

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Dana said...

I can see my house!!! Bottom row second from the right!

It's great to see it finished Joanne!