Friday, May 9, 2014

Quilting Crimes - Batting!!

 Welcome to Quilty Crime Friday!

For as many Fridays as I can I will try to post on a "quilty crime".  While there are no "quilt police" there are, in my opinion, things that can be considered a crime in the quilting world.  Hang with me each Friday as I come up with a quilty crime in my little world. 


I am NOT a fan of packaged batting.  It's been rolled up, folded up, stretched and the only thing that looks good is what you can see through the unprinted areas of the packaging. 

All 9,720 square inches of this batting has been rolled, folded and mangled up to fit into that plastic bag by the manufacturer who does not care about it laying flat on your quilt.

when I open the package this is what I see.....and you REALLY need to click on the photo for a closer look!

 Okay, so let's just lay the quilt on top of all of this and get quilting!!

Sorry gals, can't do it.  To get the best results possible for the both of us, I must (gently) tug, pull, press, iron, or whatever other means I can do to get this lumpy, bumpy, ugly stuff to lay flat.

I will do the best I can, but you see this is where I begin.   Do yourself and your quilt a favor and invest in the best batting that you can.  Buy it off of the roll, one folded seam is much easier to work with than all of this.

Yup, packed batting should be a crime!

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lisa said...

lol, oh my! I now go to my aunt who has rolls upon rolls of batting (I may have bought her one, and my mom another to help with the cost of quilting our quilts since she's still "learning") but i used to throw packaged batting into the dryer before trying to baste it on my living room floor. It wasn't ideal but at least it was even fluffyness afterwards.

Gari in AL said...

Joanne, you are already making me laugh. I use packaged batting but mine does not look anything like that. I agree that batting choices should be made with care and prepped for quilting, if necessary. And I think the quilt maker should do that prepping before sending/taking it to you. I even complain about myself when I find stray threads sticking out of seams. ;-)

Amy said...

I use packaged batting part of the time ... mainly Warm & Natural and Quilter's Dream brands. I've never had my batting look like that when it came out of the package. I'm not familiar with the Mountain Mist battings.