Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quilts of the day from my Quilter of the Day!!

Reaching way back into the archives of my photo files, I have Suzanne from TX.  I've got some really great quilts of her's to show off today.  Let's start with this one....
Pretty amazing don't you think?  I can't begin to wrap my head around the planning that went into this quilt!  Suzanne did a fantastic job getting the buffalo duplicated in this quilt.  

 I suggested a meander stitch for this one, I didn't think it needed anything else but the true design of the quilt to stand on it's own.  By having a computer do the stitching it remained very even and duplicated throughout the entire quilt.  This also helped keep the quilt the only focus when looking at it. Love what she did on the back as well!
 ( Blogger is not playing nicely today!! Can't get the photos to cooperate.....)

Isn't this next one just adorable??  Love the bright colors and offsetting it with the white really makes the fabrics pop!

 My boys loved this one!!  It was one of their favorites.

 Almost think you are seeing double?   Nope, two quilts, two colors,  very nicely done!

that's it for today, thanks to Suzanne for her great quilts!
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Barb said...

They are all fabulous!!!