Monday, March 31, 2014

Quilter of the Day!

I currently have over 300 edge to edge designs to select from when considering the stitching that goes on a quilt.  I have to say I do have a few favorites.  Dorothy from WA sent me these great quilts and they are without a doubt perfect for using two of my favorite designs.

Dorothy is on a mission to use up some of her stash - good for her!!  These two quilts are wonderful examples of how the scrappy stash buster quilts can be fabulous!!

Isn't that just a fabulous quilt?  I LOVE it!!  Here's a close up of the border and you can really see the quilting design.

Dorothy used a solid backing that really shows the design and the color is perfect!

This is a second quilt from Dorothy.   Interesting design, I really didn't see it until I stepped back.  The off set blocks are really fun.

Another border shot showing the quilting design, one of my favorites....

And again, the backing tells all.....

Great job Dorothy!!  A couple of really wonderful quilts!

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Barb said...

Wonderful quilts!!!