Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's all about happy flowers with my Quilter of the Day!

Spring is just around the corner, right??   I am so ready for it, as I am sure the rest of the country is also.  It has been a looooog winter for us all.  

Ginny is my quilter of the day today, she is from the state of Washington!  Long way from New Hampshire but I am always happy to see her mail on my door step.  I've only done a couple of quits for Ginny but they have been wonderful!!

This first one is for a granddaughter and how fabulous is it?  It is a super, super happy fun quilt that I am sure will be well loved from day one. 

Aren't the flowers and birds just adorable?  And check out the flowers on the borders on this quilt, just happy I tell ya!

 Here's the entire quilt, don't forget you can click on it for a closer look!

 Ginny had sent me this one earlier and I'm just getting around to posting it.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE blue so this one has been one of my favorites to work with!

I believe Ginny did a ton of fussy cutting on this quilt, the oriental 
prints are very relaxing.

I fell in love with this quilting design by the time I was done with the quilt. I think it finished the quilt off perfectly!  Once again Anne Bright did it again with this design, Tristen.

Well, that's it for this Sunday night, almost the last day of March.  April is knocking on the door.  Hope you had a great weekend,
thanks for checking on me,


love to hear what you've got to say............

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SewCalGal said...

Beautiful quilts and topstitching/quilting is spectacular.