Monday, March 3, 2014

Meet Judi, my quilter of the day!!

 Remember how I said I had a ton of quilts from last year that I hadn't posted?  Here's Judi's quilts! She managed to knock out a few now and then.  So let's begin....

Here's a blue and gold modern one, that we used an Anne Bright Geometric design on.  Love the way it finished it up!

 Bold and Bright!!  This is definitely reflects Judi's fun personality!

 The fabrics that Judi selected for this one was FABULOUS!!! She didn't want to cut the larger print, so it became the focal point of her quilt.  The squares on the borders really sets this quilt off!!!

 Wild and describes this one!  But the color combo is fabulous!

 Where's Judi??  Peeking from behind her quilt!  This photo was taken at the retreat, 
silly girl!

 Again with the bold and bright!! Who besides Judi would ever put that much color into a quilt?  Looks FABULOUS daaarrrllliiiinnnngggg.....

If you didn't click on the photo's for up close of these, you are missing out!! I LOVE working with all of the fun bright colors of Judi's quilts, they brighten my days! 
 Thanks doll!! 

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Dana said...

I love checking in on you and love your Quilt/Quilter of the Day.... especially when I know the quilter!

Joanne, your blog is serious eye candy! Thanks!