Monday, June 9, 2014

My Quilty Nightmare!! A bit twisted...

Nothing more frightening than waking in the middle of the night attempting to figure out - What the heck????

I've been working on this quilt for my son, and I finally have it together but want to add a couple of borders to it, you know to make it bigger.  Borders are the simplest way to make a quilt top larger.  Anyway, it's been quite the project.  
As you can see from the couple of photos here the layout of the blocks weren't an easy task, even the hubs got involved with his engineering logic-which was the answer by the way.

So, to the nightmare...I (in my dreams) took the top to a local quilt shop, but not one here in New Hampshire, one in Indiana to get some suggestions for  border(s).  They immediately whisked my top off to a back room, I was puzzled and being the polite person I am didn't say anything.  WELL....the next thing I know I'm hearing a longarm machine and when I look at the top on the frame it's MINE!!!

Holy Toledo!!!  WAIT!!!   I CAN DO THAT!!!!!!

And then before I know it I'm handed a bill for $400!!!!


For an 80" x 80" quilt that's .0625 per square inch!!!

Nightmare, I'm tellin' ya'!!!

Woke up in a cold sweat!!

Stop the train, I do not want to ride that ride!!  Whoa!!

Other than that, I'm spending tons of time on the computer attempting to learn the program Inkscape.  AND, doing lots and lots of quilting.  I need to start posting those fantabulous quilt photos that I have.  I've seen lots and lots of great quilts.

Okay, off to the trenches...
thanks for checking on me,


love to hear what you've got to say...............


Needled Mom said...

Too funny!

Gari in AL said...

What a nightmare! And did they tell you what was wrong with your quilt? Glad you woke up to the fact that you are the quilter. I do love the look of that quilt center.

Rhonda said...

Whew! That was close....hehehehehe

QuiltSue said...

Oh nooooo. Now that really is a nightmare. I hope they did a good job of the quilting or did you make them sit and unsew it all?

Barb said...

What an interesting will be one fantastic quilt when you are done....that was a horrible dream.