Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How about a few quilts??   Let's just throw some out into a blog post and call it done.  I'll be adding more pictures of these quilts to the other blog later, but let's get a few posted shall we?

First quilt was made by Sue in NH.  It was a stack and sort, of sorts.  It's one of those designs where you lay 10" (layer cakes) in a pile and make a few slices, move a few on one of the stacks and then stitch them back together.  These are fun and quick quilts to do, add a border and you go from a lap quilt to almost a twin.  Perfect for an older kid or teen.  Good job Sue!!

Here's a quilt from Lisa in NH. Lisa is a newer quilter but her piecing is fabulous!! Here is a bright and cheery baby quilt that she made for a friend's baby.  The colors are amazing and I know this quilt is being loved on a daily basis! 

Another one of Lisa's quilts.  This was the first one she brought me.  Again, pieced perfectly!!  For a newish quilter she is doing FABULOUS!!

It's all about the bugs on this quilt!!  Made for a little boy the buggy fabric is better than perfect!!  Julie in NH made this cute little quilt and the ants that I quilted on it makes it over the top cute!!

Another quilt from Julie.  The design of this quilt is amazing!!  The different designs that are all happening in this quilt is what makes quilting fun!

This quilt belongs to Judi in NH.  Judi did a great job with all of the baskets in the design of this one.  

This modern quilt is one of mine.  Found the pattern on Pinterest and knew it would make a perfect wedding gift.  The fabrics are a Moda print and very new, fun and funky.  Started off with a jelly roll and then had to scour to find the border fabrics.  

OH MY GOSH!!!  I can't begin to tell you how much I do just LOVE this backing fabric!  It's a Shannon Fabric, (Minky) but it's kinda like for grown-ups.  For some reason I associate Minky with/for kids, but put this fabric as a backing and you will have the adults melting.  LOVE IT!!!!!  AND the quilted hearts - just says wedding!

Don't you just love the colors of this one?  Kristina made this quilt for .... HER!!  Yea!!  The pinks and purples are secondary to the greens in this quilt, but ooohh so pretty!! We decided on a modern-ish quilting design to finish it off.

As mentioned above I'll have more of these posted to the other blog later today.  Hope you have a wonderful day....

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Barb said...

You my friend have been very the quilts!

Shirley said...

Hi Joanne :) LOVE Julie's bug quilt! Do you think she would share the name of the fabric? So cute! Thanks, Shirley from NH