Monday, February 14, 2011

Perfect for Valentines Day....Grace in PA

Grace in PA

I love what I can do, even if it's not all that much.  Last year I wrote a blog post about why I machine quilt if you are interested in reading it, you can find it here.  When I get emails like the one below it just confirms that I am on the right track with why I quilt.  This came from Grace in PA.  She if far, far too kind with her description of my quilting, it's simple loops or meandering, but it gets the quilts finished.  Grace first contacted me two years ago when I had the brainy idea of the Joanne's Stimulus Package.  She signed up for the package and then life got in the way. Grace is now working with a local Doctor to provide quilts to kids who might need a little extra hug or love when they visit their primary care physician.  Here's Grace's email to me:

Oh my gosh!! The box arrived within the last half hour. As I took each quilt out of the box I was thrilled beyond words. The quilt I am keeping for myself is gorgeous and the best part the add on piece I can cover up with the binding. The table runners are gorgeous I had no idea how they would turn out, Joanne gorgeous is an understatement your thread choice couldn't have been better selected. The children's quilts are each individually made better with your expert quilting and design. Oh how each child will love and cherish their quilt. The practice I give the quilts to said each child that received a quilt was thrilled with their item. I told Dr.H**** this week I have a few more that will soon be coming his way, he is hoping this year to have enough to give to children as they are faced with a difficult diagnosis. We both agree when a child is faced with a difficult diagnosis the primary care doctor is the one who can best provide extra TLC. We are also going to incorporate a few adults into the gifting, we never thought of it before but the two sisters who last year got nothing for Christmas and only a card between them was heartbreaking.

I will be talking with someone from ****, (name withheld since I haven't asked permission to publish it) next week to get a charity off the ground for this group. I also hope to get a blog up and running to promote my idea of providing children's quilts to a PCP practice. When children are in a hospital it is great they get quilts , quilts for kids does an excellent job. Unfortunately children see physical and emotional abuse in family settings as well as a diagnosis of diabetes etc that can be devastating and the PCP office is best suited to provide extra TLC during the visit. I have also given them bears, whenever I get a coupon for build a bear workshop I make one. If you have any ideas please pass them on to me to help get this idea up and running.

Yep, this is all good and just perfect for a Valentines post.  Grace has a heart of gold and I wish her all of the success with her new endeavor. My thanks goes out to Grace who has included me and made it possible to help in a small way to make someones day just a little bit brighter.   

You can see all of Grace's quilts posted at my other blog, Insanely Cheap Quilting.  I hope your Valentines Day is filled with lots of love, mine certainly is.

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Barb said...

That is just awesome!

If I can stop one Heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain
If I can ease one Life the Aching
Or cool one Pain

Or help one fainting Robin
Unto his Nest again
I shall not live in Vain

Your life certainly is not in are filling alot of people with happiness....

Terry said...

What a great post for today! We need more people like Grace (and you) in this world! :0)

Michele Bilyeu said...

Absolutely beautiful in all ways! You do great work, Joanne...not just good work and good deeds. And Grace? Well, somebody certainly gave that precious woman the right name! She is obviously living her life filled with goodness and grace in action! This is a lovely and meaning filled post...warms my heart up to the fullest!

JJ said...

That was an uplifting post. You renew my faith in good people doing good things. Thank you.