Monday, December 31, 2012


My goal was to get all of the quilt that I have not posted on my blogs done by the end of the year.  I MIGHT just make it!!  It's 10:13 and I have nothing better to do than try to meet the deadline!!  I'm breaking it down into about 4 different blog post, so  you all just get ready for a show. 
Now some of these (most of them) were completed during November and December when I was having issues with space and blogger.  But this is it!!  I have no more pictures of quilts lurking in the memory banks of my two computers.  I have them all organized and identified!!  If I quilt for you and you would like copies of my pics just let me know.  So now, on with the show.......
Betty Ann in NH
Made this cute little little quilt at a class that she took with one of the ladies from our guild.  Betty Ann swears that it's a super easy pattern/design to put together.  I'm not sure I'm buying it.....
Eilene in NH
This wonderful man quilt was made for one of her sons for Christmas.  Eilene used Homespuns and this quilt can just melt around you.  It was super soft and cozy!!  What a lucky guy!
Don't you just love this Christmas quilt???  Eilene's plans were to decorate with this quilt as a wallhanging.

Frances in NY
The next four little quilts were made for some very special little people in Frances' life.  These were headed out to her grandchildren as Christmas gifts.  Each one different and so special.

Pat in VA
I think I finished this one in November.  This was a quilt that Pat sent to me to help finish.  It's final destination was a shelter that Gene Black is connected with.  Each year Gene collects quilts and delivers them to some very special children in need of a little cheer.
Judy S in NC
Here's another great little quilt that was under the tree!  Judy finished this one off for one of her grandsons and I know it will be greatly loved.
Terry in OH
Who hasn't seen this great quilt???  Terry is on a roll this year crankin' those quilts out like crazy!  This was her wonky log cabin and it was HUGE!!  The scrappy look is fantastic and Terry did a great job on it as usual!
Joyce in NC
Here's a few more Christmas quilts.  Tshirt quilts are a perfect gift for the guy/gal who has everything and that includes a stack of fun tee's!   Joyce did a great job on these two quilts.
Scrappy snowballs....what is not to love???

That's the end of the first post..
more to come....
thanks for checking on me,
love to hear what you've got to say.......

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Terry said...

I've really enjoyed the quilt show today, both here and on your other blog. Thanks for sharing them all with us! And of course thanks for doing a fabulous quilting job on my "monster quilt"! :0)