Monday, December 31, 2012

More quilts.........

This is blog posting number three....think I've been busy???
Shannon in IN
This super huge wonderful t-shirt quilt comes from Indiana.  Shannon is a very close, dear friend whom I miss very much.  Shannon's sister Kelly (the quilter of the family) took all of Shannon's daughter Madi's tshirts and made this outstanding quilt for her.  Kelly did a superior job in piecing!  This quilt was 86" x 118"!!!  I did a semi-custom quilting job on it.  It was my pleasure to be a part of Madi's quilt!  thanks Shannon & Kelly!!
Kristina in NH
I LOVE this beautiful little baby quilt!!  Kristina did a fantastic job on the quilt and I stitched an Irish clover design for the quilting.  It is an amazing little quilt!
Doris in NH
Here's another man quilt that was opened on Christmas morning!  Doris made this quilt for her son and it is truly manly.  We decided that all it needed was a basic meandering stitch to finish it off. Good job Doris, I hope that son knows how lucky he is to receive this wonderful gift.
Rosie in VT
Rosie really kept my machine busy the last few weeks!  Rosie is a scrappy quilt kinda gal and the quilts are beautiful!!  Here's a few....
Love the blues, but I am the blue gal....

The white on this one is super!
Kitty quilt, I *think* it was a Christmas gift for her mom....of course I had to use the animal tracks stitching design.

How fun is this one?  Again with the white...

Barb in CT
These were lost in the deep, deep dark places in my computer.  I finished these in October?  The first quilt Barb made for her daughter, and the batiks are outstanding!
This Mariners Compass quit scared the ba-jeebies out of me!!  It is so beautiful and I was really nervous to work with it, but it turned out fantastic!
This one is a little twister wall hanging.  The bright colors are so much fun!
Bonnie in NH
Here's a 1600 quilt that Bonnie put together, they are so quick and easy!  The batik line is perfect for this project.
ONE more....hang in there...
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Terry said...

Lots of beautiful quilts! The green pinwheel one is stunning! :0)