Monday, December 31, 2012

Final call for quilts from 2012

 Last post for the year...promise!!
Judi in VT
Perfect way to begin the last post, with some yoga frogs!  This is such a fun quilt, but working with Judi is fun and I love all of the quilts that she gives me they can
 brighten my day.
Here's another fun quilt from Judi, so colorful and perfect for a little kid.
Bonnie in NH
Here's another 1600 from Bonnie, and I'm lovin' the blues....
The colors on this Christmas quilt are so rich and warm, great quilt.

Here's a red, white and blue quilt that I worked on for Bonnie and it's stunning!

Lisa in NH
Lisa used all kinds of fun fabrics to make this split 9 patch quilt.  It' was a pleasure to work on with the huge variety of bright colors that she used.

Jane in NH
Here's a sweet little baby quilt that I helped Jane finish up.  The little hearts did the trick for this little quilt.
Karen in IN
Karen sent these two quilts, the first one is hers and the second was a neighbor friend's quilt.  Karen's pink and brown sampler was perfectly constructed and a real joy for me to work with.
Karen's neighbor's quilt was a lovely blue and yellows.  It was a HUGE quilt and my pleasure to help along in the process.

THAT'S it....I'm done!!!  I have now posted all of the pictures!!
If you would like to see more pictures of these wonderful quilts....
Just in time to begin working on next year's quilts!
Thank you all for making me look so good!
Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, wonderful
thanks for checking on me,
love to hear what you've got to say....
finish time...11:32  whew......


Barb said...

Wonderful Quilts....Happy New Years!!!

Rhonda said...

Joanne, loved seeing all the quilts you've quilted. My favorite this time is the yoga frogs quilt. I laughed so hard seeing the positions the frogs got themselves in.
Happy New Year, my friend!!

Needled Mom said...

Love the yoga frogs - perfect for all of the new year's resolutions!!!

Karen Hill said...

Thanks so much for posting pictures of my quilts. I am back on blogger. I have a picture of the brown and pink one there.

Thanks, Karen in IN

Karen Hill said...

I have a picture of the pink and brown quilt with her family on my new blog.

Karen in IN