Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quick post and a few quilts

Really, a super quick post not much going on around here.  Just as busy as ever!!  Had
a little fun over the weekend at a mini workshop with the guild, more on that
later.  So let's go to the quilts!

Most of you have already seen these over at Terry's blog.  Here's a couple of
pictures of the quilts that I finished for her.  Terry is crankin' 'em out this year
and they are fabulous!  We went with a simple meander and it finished the
quilts perfectly!

Next, Karen in IN sent me these wonderful, wonderful quilts.  Again, a simple
meander got these quilts finished very, very nicely.  But when you are working
with great quilts like these, it's easy!

Here's three more quilts that came my way from Judy S. in NC.  The first quilt
is a wedding gift and is fantastic!  The other two small ones are for Judy's
grands.  Cute little boy quilts, LOVE them!!

Brown seemed to be the color to work with for a while.  Here's a great little quilt
that Karen S actually made for herself!!  Imagine that?!?!  How many of your
quilts have you kept?

Well, there's another 10 quilts for your viewing pleasure, which means another
30 pictures over at the other blog!  Go check them out here:

thanks for checking on me,
have a wonderful week!!!

love to hear what you've got to say........................


Needled Mom said...

Those look wonderful. The fall colored quilts are calling my name these days.

Allie said...

Good heavens when do you sleep. These are wonderful, Joanne!

Barb said...

You have been busier than all of the quilts.

Talin's Corner said...

Those quilts are beautiful. Don't you wish you could keep them all?