Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How about a few quilts??

My machine went non-stop over the weekend as I finished quilting 7 quilts.  WOW!!  Most of them were lap quilts for the guild and a couple of other small quilts that I had waiting in the wings.  I'm working on Nancy's last three quilts now.  Needless to say I didn't get too far away from my machine to get that many done.  Made a little progress on my newest Freddy Moran quilt from the guild since it's due in October.  Alright, on to the quilts....

Remember how I said I was really behind in posting???  Well, here a quilt that I did for that wacky famous blogger, number one customer service, best notion shopping site, never know what you are going to get with this gal.....

KELLY!!!!  @    I Have a Notion

Honestly if you don't follow Kelly, you really should!  She is a machine!!  I have to say that because I just don't know how she does all that she does.  Here's the quilt she made for her sister...

Shirley in NH sent me this cute little baby quilt.  Simple but loved the fabrics that she used. The quilt is for a neighbor's little girl so hearts just seemed like the way to go.  Little girls and hearts are always a perfect match.

Brandy was working with brights for this quilt and it is stunning!! I used a swirly design and loved the way it turned out.  The backing was pieced and it too is beautiful.

Next we have a great quilt from Sandra in New Hampshire.  The color choices and fabrics on this quilt make it! 

Sandra also had me working on this cute little baby quilt.  With the little bees in the fabric how could I not stitch little bees with the machine quilting? LOVED IT!!

Here's a couple of quilts from a super sweet gal at my guild, Betty Ann.  The first is a stack n' whack that she finished for a friend who figured out that quilting just wasn't for her-WHAT??  Don't get it, do you??  Definitely a girlie quilt with all of the pink!

Betty Ann also did this great flower quilt for her cabin in Maine.  I loved the quilting on this one!  You need to check out the other pictures of this quilt at my other blog.  (Link will be below)

Here's another Betty in NH and she's from my guild too!!  Loved working with this BOM that Betty finished up from a couple of years ago!  Used a curls design for the stitching and it was perfect!

How cute, cute, cute is this next little quilt?!!?!?  Loved it!!  Frances in VT made this for her little grands.  We decided upon the circles as the quilting design since she had used a polka dot fabric to go with her adorable focus fabric.

Judi in VT was very much out of her element with this quilt.  LOVED the quilt, but it didn't fit Judi's style.  Remember Judi??  She's the wild, crazy, fun, far-out, pushing the edge on colors and Judi!  Here's a couple of her latest quilts.  The first one we did a funky flower with loops.

Sue in NH worked up this cute little quilt for a friend's little one who is moving into our area.  I did a simple meander on it and was perfect with the fleece backing she used.

Okay, that's 11 quilts that I counted on this blog which means about 30 plus pictures on the other blog.  You can't imagine the pictures that I sort, tag, file and then post in two different locations.   Here's the link to take a peek at these wonderful quilts. 

Okay, that's it for today got to take photo's of all of the finished quilts that I did over the weekend and get them all in order.  I'll be back soon, more quilts, more pictures.

thanks for checking on me
have a wonderful day

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Needled Mom said...

Wow!!! You have been busy. Did you get any sleep? They look wonderful too.

Laura said...

Those are gorgeous quilts you had the priviledge to quilt. Nice job!

Rhonda said...

Great job with the quilting!

lisa said...

I am sorry, I am disapointed with the quilting. I expected to see at LEAST 26 quilts. What are you doing over there? Sitting on your bum? reading? dawdling?

HAHA just kidding! Holy Guacamole!! Have you had any time with your family? Get back to your own sewing too! I want to see a quilt you pieced together soon!

the girls and I are trying to enjoy the last little bit of summer before school starts....and mommy celebrates!

Talin's Corner said...

I can't believe you quilted seven quilts in one weekend. It takes me over three weeks to quilt just one. And your quilting is way better. I don't know how you do it.