Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Computers, quilts and blueberries!

I was going to insert some cute little clip art showing a sick and old computer but decided just to show you what ours actually looked like.  Here it is during the process of repair, yep, he does computer work too.

So here it lays with all of it's innards hangin' out on it's last leg. We finally get up and running and I, in all of my smartness decided that I needed the kids laptop to have an updated Windows, so insert the disk I do.  NOT SMART, yep, wiped it clean and the version I installed was so old it created major problems and it needed about 2 hours of attention to recover.  oops....good thing he loves me.  Well, the internet is still running like maple sap on a cold day so after a few clicks here and there we've (I get to say "we" because I sat beside him the entire time with everlasting words of encouragement, I couldn't do much else.) discovered that our modem is only running at 30%  and that means slow internet.  Still working on that.  Anyway, long story short - major computer problems.

Happy note, here's a shot of a cute little guy that stopped outside of my window.  Love seeing these little guys zipping about.

How about a few quilt pictures??  Over the weekend I took some time out to drive over to Newport and see the quilts at the South Congregational Church for their blueberry festival and quilt show.  Took a few pics so here they are..

Isn't this just what you think of when you think of a New England old church?

Here's the beautiful quilts that were out for show.

Here's a few pictures which also shows the beautiful interior architecture of the building.

While at the church I ran into Karen (in NH, you've seen a few of her quilts) and I had the opportunity to meet her friend who made this beautiful wall hanging.

And remember I said blueberries???

AND.....the bake sale!!!  THE BEST Blueberry cobbler you have ever eaten!!  I think I ate the entire pan all by myself! Good think I now have the recipe! 

I've been as busy as ever with the machine as soon as I get all of the pictures in order I'll be posting a few.  I was smart enough to save them in a few places just in case. That's it for today!

Have a wonderful week!
thanks for checking on me,

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Mommarock said...

I wanted to walk into the church picture and see the rest of the quilts close up. Darn technology just isn't there yet. Maybe someday. Lovely quilts, I really do wish I were there, I can never get enough viewing of other peoples work, I guess I best just get to work on mine though.

Terry said...

Sorry about your computer. The last time mine died it was terminal and I had to get a new computer. Love the hummingbird picture! It puts the one I took to shame! LOL

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I had a major computer virus that my dear geek son had to fix for me. Two whole days the insides lay open. We think it happened because I never update when the computer asks for adobe and something else ??!!!? Anyway, there was an opening and the virus got through. I am SO thankful that my son LOVEs computers.

Tangos Treasures said...

Love the cjurch & quilts, just beautiful!! LOL on the computer innards!! Hope he gets all your info saved!!

Barb said...

Hope you saved me a piece of that cobbler....

That is such an amazing place and the quilts hanging from the balcony...just wonderful

Clara said...

Stunning quilts, my fav is the hexies' one.... I do love hexies!
Blueberry cobbler?????????????????? The recipe, please!!!