Friday, March 4, 2011

Holding Back...Terry's Teasures

Yep, I've been holding back on you all.  I've been busy just quilting away and not posting pictures of all of those colorful, wonderful, works of love.  So today a short post with a couple of amazing quits that I had the pleasure to help finish.

Most of you probably know Terry at Terry's Treasures.  She posted pictures of her quilt on February 19th here on her blog.  I love the difference the washing makes!!  It draws it up and really gives the quilt texture. Here's a picture of the first quilt in progress:

And this is another one that she sent:

Of course I've posted a couple more pictures over at my other blog, 

Thanks again Terry for trusting me with your wonderful works of love. 
Isn't it great to have them finished?

As always, thanks for checking on me,

love to hear what you've got to say.......


Pat said...

They both look very nice!!!

Stray Stitches said...

Your quilting is beautiful. I know that Terry was very happy with how her quilt turned out.

Merilyn said...

Your quilting is just lovely, it provides such wonderful texture. I visited your other blog too, there are some beautiful quilts there, you do very nice work!!! But too far away for me (frown!)

Barb said...

I know you just have a fun time quilting others the quilts!

Terry said...

Thanks again for the beautiful quilting you did on these for me! I can't wait to get the binding on the second one so I can get it washed up too! :0)

Jenny said...

Gosh. These are just so impressive. Such an art form!