Sunday, October 16, 2016

July Works

October has been self acclaimed as catch up month for me with all my quilty stuff.  Well, my business quiltly stuff.  I'm not living long enough to get "my" quilty stuff ever caught up. Know what I mean?

Okay, since I've got a couple of months worth of photos, let's get to the photos!

More photos can be seen at the other blog, here's a link:

SplittingStitches Longarm Quilting

Anne in NC sent me this beautiful and bright quilt that lit up my room for a few days.  How great is this one?

Next coming from Brandi in NH a couple of great ones.  Love the mermaid panel and of course I just had to use my favorite design Lauren on her second quilt...

Up next we have Brandy from PA.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the house quilt (which won a ribbon for Brandy at her local fair!).  And how great are the other three?  What teen wouldn't just love a skateboard quilt, the food quilt and the purple and black one just pops!!

Katherine stayed busy for a few days making these adorable quilts for her equally adorable little grands.  Pinks matched with yellow, pinks with gray for the girls and the black and red for the little man in her life.

Melynn knocked out this fabulous t-shirt quilt at one of the retreats!  It's a fund raiser for the Dartmouth Childrens Rheumatoid Arthritis Camp.  Great job!!

I'm not sure Nancy in PA machine ever stops!!  Here's a pretty blue and white one from her.

Renie passed along a few pretty striking ones that I got to help finish up.  The Christmas quilt was headed for a raffle and I'm sure it's going to fetch a lot of interest!  The bright and the black - WOW!! Also a QOV for her nephew, I believe...

Renie is a hard act to follow but Michele does it well!  Can't say enough great things about Michele and her work!  Always a pleasure to help this gal, her piecing is FANTASTIC!  I hope to someday my own quilts will be as perfectly pieced as what Michele does!

Rita's doing a pretty good job as well!  Here's a HUGE bright one from her, love the colors!

Sharon usually works with fabrics that have deep rich tones.  Here's three of her latest ones.

Wrapping up the July post with this simply amazing quilt from Ruthann.  It is anything but simple with all of those beautifully pieced half square triangles forming those spinners!  Great job!!

That wraps up the quilts for the month of July, stay tuned for August and September to be posted very soon!!

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Tangos Treasures said...

These quilts are all beautiful!!

KathyinMN said...

Catching up on blogs today (day off). These are just lovely. Love love love your blog-so much eye candy, so can't wait to go on quilt retreat in two weeks.