Saturday, October 22, 2016

August Quilts are Up!

October is my self proclaimed catch up month.  This means I've got to post August and September quilt photos.  
So, on with the show.....
And don't forget for more photo's of these
great quilts, you can find them all here:

SplittingStitches Longarm Quilting

Alex is a busy, busy girl!  Here's a couple of quilts she managed to finish and send my way.  The first quilt a fantastic wedding gift and the second I believe she's keeping for herself.  

Here's a very different quilt that came all the way from Arizona.  When Bobbi contacted me she warned me that she knew "a block was crooked" and it's all good.  Interesting quilt...

Deb over in VT sews during the winter months then passes her tops to me for the summer when she's busy, busy, busy!!  Honestly this gal does not stop!  Can't wait to see what I get next spring.

I think Dorothy in WA is my scrap busting gal!  She tells me that shes really trying to work through all of her scraps and manages to come up with these fabulous little quilts.

WOW!!  Was what I thought when I saw this very modern quilt from Elizabeth in KY.  It just had to have some modern quilting to match.  And her second quilt, FABULOUS, soft and super warm with the deep rich flannels that she used.

Karen in MN stitched up this bright little quilt! I just had to put one of my favorite designs on it.  Fun, funky and modern.

Katherine here in NH whipped up this adorable little baby quilt for a lucky new little one.  The colors aren't the best, ugh, but the fabrics were perfect!

Laila also here in NH made the two following quilts.  The blue one is an amazing layout when you might have a special print or panel, great way to lay it out.  And how fun is the second one?  It is easier than it looks.

Laura here in NH finished off these great quilts for her daughters.  Bright colors and quilting designs to match each of the girls personalities. Really, what could be more special?

Michele in NH is extremely productive with AMAZING results!  I haven't been working with her very long, but love when she drops her quilts for me to work with.  Double, triple, WOW!!!

Pam in NH pulled this quilt together for her son when she decided to redecorate his room.  Son was due home on leave and she was wanted to have his room finished.  It's a beautiful quilt, I sure hope he gets to see it soon and his Momma gets to wrap her arms around his neck and give him a big ole' Momma hug.  

Another scrap buster!  Peggy in NC used her red, whites and blue to make the first quilt.  And her second one was donated to the Orlando project.  

How wonderful are these two quilts from Sharon in VT?  The first she made for a co-work who gives her heart and soul to her patients daily.  The second a beautiful wedding gift for a special couple.

Totally modern.  Steph in CA, a friend of Alex, made this fun, fun quilt.  It just had to have a square quilting design.  I believe this is Steph's first quilt and hope there are many more to come.  She did a great job!

Fun, fun, fun!!  The fabrics in Wendy's in IN quilt were just that.  Looks like a great way to use a couple of charm packs that you might have just waiting to be stitched together in your stash.  Great quilt, Wendy!!

How many half square triangles did Ruthann in NH have to make to finish off this top?  TONS!!  But the end results - totally worth it!  How great is her quilt?

Final quilt is from Linda in CT.  Another stash buster! These scrappy quilts when combined with a solid sashing or border really looks good ladies!

Those were the fabulous quilts that kept me busy in August.  Check back soon to see a few that I managed to work with in September.

thanks for checking on me,

love to hear what you've got to say.....


Tangos Treasures said...

WOW!! All are beautiful!!

Rhonda said...

My goodness, you are really pumping them out. Love your quilting!!