Monday, May 23, 2016

Quilty Crime!! Backings Post #2 The Poser!

Purpose of these post is to teach and inform.  No quilts were harmed or quilter jailed for the following (or any other) Quilty Crime.

Quilty Crime - Backings Post #2 The Poser!

poser (poh-zer)  noun
                 1. a question or problem that is puzzling or confusing

That's right, the poser.  The backing that looks square but it's faking it. That backing isn't square and here's what it looks like:

From this view it looks square, right?  Let me show you why it's not and the difference it makes.

Before loading a backing I will press the center point on the backing on the top and bottom of the fabric.  On my photo's I've also marked with pins.   Here's the top of the backing...

...and here's what the bottom of the backing looks like...

I have marked center point and straight horizontal lines on my wall with a pencil.  In this photo, I have pinned the top of the backing on the center point and horizontal straight line and let the backing fall where it will.  As you can see the center point of the backing is off about an inch from the ironed crease/pin and the pencil mark on the wall.

In the next photo I have moved the bottom of the backing to the center point on the wall.

Now this is what the entire backing looks like....

Here's what it looks like on the frame....

Here's where it makes the difference....if your backing is saggy, we have to "fix" it.  And by "fixing" it we will pull and distort the backing to lay flat.   This may or may not affect your quilt, but do you want to take the chance?  AND the more it's off the more adjustments that we have to make.  Think about it, if you start with a square backing no adjustments, no risk.

Below is what the backing, batting and top SHOULD look like....FLAT.  Again, this is the ripped edge of the backing.

I have found that when the quilt backings are ripped they lay flatter on the sides and the center point is truer on the fabric.  Scientific proof, no not really, but when I see a ripped backing I am doing the happy dance.

Okay, I think that's all I've got for now.  There's a couple more post that I know I'd like to cover.  Stay tuned and thanks for hangin' in there with me!

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Deborah Shandor said...

Just last week I bought backing fabric at an Amish quilt shop and she ripped the fabric after measuring. When I asked why I was told it is a truer piece. Never knew that, and your blog just confirms this.

KathyinMN said...

Oh, get out! I always rip my fabric, because I remember squaring up clothing fabric that way in home ec so many years ago. I do that even before cutting up fabric, because I can then find the straight of grain and cut truer, straighter strips.