Saturday, May 7, 2016

Quilts for the month of March

Managed to work through quite a few during the month of March.  These ladies kept me pretty busy with some amazing quilts. Don't forget you can click on the photo for a closer look!  AND!!  More photo's are over at the other blog, so check it out!  Here's a link....

This one is a knock out!  Ginny from WA sent this one to me and I just adore all of the gold on the fabrics!  The sparkle and shine is soooo pretty!  As I remember this quilt is headed for her guest room bed. What a treat for her guest! The quilting is a design from SweetDreams and I think it's a winner!

Brandie from here in NH got her hands on some beautiful fabrics and finished up this very, very cool quilt!!  I've got this one on my "to-do" list, love being able to see it up close and personal.  Brandie did a great job and I love the quilting design!

This quilt from Rosemary took me way, way longer to finish than it should have!!  I fell in love with it the minute I opened the box!  I had such great plans, but ended up just adding a ton of feathers to it.  It is a beautiful piece!

Kelli!!  Oh my gosh!!  First time quilter and she went BIG!!!  How fun is this HUGE t-shirt quilt?  I love seeing all of the graphics from t-shirt quilts when I get them.  I think they can tell you quite a bit about their owners, and what a gal Kelli is, just take a look at the shirts...

Moving into the next quilt, is another one from Terry over at Terry's Treasures.  Another FABULOUS gal I'm sure just look at her shirts!  Terry wanted a ballet theme if I had one, and boy, oh boy, I think the Ballet Shoes just fit the bill.  As always Terry did a fantastic job on the quilt.

Lisa!!  WOW!!!  Here's a beautifully simple quilt.  But we know that quilts really aren't that simple.  The two color design makes it.....just amazing!  Even with the seemingly simplicity of the design I just had to go with the very simple meander on the quilting.  I wanted NOTHING to distract from this beauty.  

I also worked on two more for Lisa, but the red and white one....too beautiful!  Here's her other two, one her first paper piecing that she finished and another sweet little quilt for her Momma.  Lisa is such a sweetie....

Deb over in VT had me work on a couple of fund raising quilts for a local horse rescue.  Here's her cool quilts done all up in 30's prints finished off with a horse shoe quilting design.  The second project is place mats!  I stitched out the horse head Deb added some fabric to the sides and how cool is the finished project??

Following up with another horse theme quilt, Julie from CA put this cute little one together.  How great are these fabrics??  Add a super soft Minky backing and it's a real keeper!!  

Jeanne in MA finished off this great wall hanging and had me add a little thread to it.   Simple, yet fabulous!  Purple with the green is a great combo.  A heavier quilting since it's a wall hanging and it's just about finished up!  

Pat from VA sent me this antique piece that finished up wonderfully!  How perfect is the coloring on it?  We did a simple meander again, not to distract from the original artwork on the quilt.  Photo's are Pat's.....mine are still MIA thanks to Windows 10.

And while we are on the subject of missing photos, I'm missing several!!  Updated to Windows 10 and life just hasn't been the same!  ugh....  I know (besides Pat) I'm missing photo's from Penny in NH, Peggy in NC and Amy in WI.  IF I ever find them I'll post, until then I just need to move on...sorry ladies!!

Here's just one of the three quilts that I had the pleasure of working on for Peggy in NC.  Shamelessly lifted from her facebook page.  Peggy is on the right with her friend Nancy on the left.  Peggy made the quilt for Nancy, it's a pretty cool quilt, lucky Nancy.  That Peggy!!  She is a one in a million, glad I had the chance to get to know her while she was living in the area.  Here's her quilt...

Amy, who is Peggy's "Favorite" sister sent me 5 quilts and I can only find photo's for two!  Amy finished a pretty cool t-shirt quilt with a baseball theme, an amazing tablecloth with cutwork that she had me quilt (it was pretty cool!) and a blue scrappy one.  Those I can't find the photo's of, but here's the ones I did find!  The first is a baby quilt that mixes textures, what a great idea!!  And how cute it is!!  Second we have a black and red, classic!  Good job, favorite sister, Amy!!

Apologies to the gals with the photo's MIA!  Darn that Windows 10!!  I'm pretty excited about posting the quilts from April and already working on a few amazing ones to show in May!  Can't believe time is passing so quickly!!

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Terry said...

Such pretty quilts! I love the one below mine. And I was thrilled you had the ballet slippers! :0)

KathyinMN said...

That ribbon quilt is totally on my list too! Lovely bunch this go 'round!

Dana said...

Maybe Brandi's quilt need a home? Seriously... who'da thought gray would set off the colors so well!

And Lisa's Snail's Trail... fantastic... you quilting rally sets it off!