Friday, February 6, 2015

Quilts, and lots of them!

How about a few great quilts today?

First little quilt comes from Christine in CT.  Adorable fabrics were used in making this quilt! She selected a oak leaf and acorn stitching design that works perfectly!  Quite the happy quilt!

Next quilt came my way all the way from the state of Washington!  Ginny made this amazing Oriental quilt with tons and tons of little pieces!  It turned out to be fantastic when it was all said and done!

Our next quilt comes from Jamie in CT and they are two lovely quilts!  The first is a stunning bargello baby quilt with stars and the second a modern design for a young man.  Love the simplicity of the modern quilt and the color selection!  Great job, Jamie!!

Along the modern line of quilts, take a look at Lisa's latest!! The green thread that she selected was perfect for this amazing quilt.  It's a quilt she saw on line, got out the pencils and draft paper and here's what it ended up looking like...

Leslie's quilt is a beautiful log cabin with a mix of the most stunning fabric color selection.  Leslie decided on a very elegant machine quilting design with a deep maroon thread.  It all came together beautifully!

Sandra's quilt is a very musical themed one.  When adding the musical notes for quilting it finishes it off wonderfully.  This is going to be a very loved quilt.

Dana crossed off a UFO with the completion of this snowball quilt.  From what I understood it was a color class that she had taken years ago.  Yellow/golds and greens appear to be the color theme and how amazing it looks finished!  Yea!  Dana!!

Judi K had me quilt this great wall hanging.  Colors are great and it will brighten any room where it hangs.  Thanks Judi!

Fun, fun, fun!!  Judi S has never stopped amazing me with the fun quilts that she brings my way.  The mixture of colors, fabrics and designs are just Judi!  I love working with her quilts!

Hope to be back soon, I've got some fun ideas for blogging!  Unfortunately it's not the lack of ideas it's more about the time.  If you are a blogger you understand the time that goes into these post.  If you are a longarm quilter you understand the photographing that goes with the job.

Thanks for checking on me,
Hope all is well in your corner of the world and life is bringing you nothing but happiness.


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KaHolly said...

These quilts are all beautiful. It's nice to see the work being done. While they have a place, I grow weary of seeing all these quick and easy quilt patterns designed to allow the sew-er the opportunity to make a quilt a week!