Sunday, July 21, 2013

Peek A Boo!! I've been busy, how about you?

hahaha!! How lame is that title?  Of course you have been busy, who isn't??  Where does the time go, and how is it that July is 3/4 over?!?!?  As you can see from this post, my machine has and does run just about non-stop.  The past week has been quiet for me, in my sewing room with the heat that we've been having the temp was between 88-92 degrees.  I just sat on the deck with a book and waited it out.  Thank goodness, it has been much cooler.  Hope you all have endured the weather and are all doing just fine.  On with the show.........
This little guy is sooooo cute!.  I had to pin the ears down as to not run over them while stitching.  I just thought it looked like we were playing Peek a boo...this is from Nancy in PA, and you'll see the rest of it further down in the post. 
This quilt comes from Betsy here in New Hampshire.  This quilt is a wedding gift, and is completed using 2.5 inch squares.  It is fabulous!!!!

Here's a quilt from Cathy, I love her style!  Simply wonderful!  Great job, Cathy!!

Judi brought me the following two quilts.  Judi makes quilts for fellow staff members who are retiring.  The first quilt from men's shirts was for the principal, and the second a teacher.  Don't forget to click on the photo's to get a closer look at these, the second one with the messages from the kids, is just too darn cute. 


LOVE TURTLES!!!  You need to click on these photos too so you can get an up close look at the design!  Bonnie did a great job with these two quilts, and I love the TURTLES!!!!


OMG!!!  When Jeannette laid this out on my ironing board I knew I had just the perfect design for this adorable little panel she put together.  It's so retro!!  Don't you just love it!?!?!

Judi (a different Judi, this is Judi K, Judi S is above) LOVES apples!!  She did a wonderful job on these two quilts, and boy, oh, boy did she do some fancy work on her backings! 

Here's a great little quilt from Mary S here in New Hampshire.  Love the Circle Flower design that she selected for her quilt.

Renie, Renie, Renie.....such a classy lady.  Her quilts are so perfect in every way, it is a pure pleasure to work on them. 

Here's a raffle quilt for one of the guilds I belong too.   Very fall colors....

Terry, everyone who blogs knows Terry!  She's probably blogged about these months ago, and yep, I'm a little slow and just getting around to it!   Terry is going to have a wonderful stash of quilts very, very soon!! Have you seen her latest blocks?  Here's a link.....Terry's Treasures.  Honestly, I don't think the woman sleeps...

Here's a couple of great quilts from Tita.  Love the Batiks one!  We finished it off with a very modern quilting design.  This quilt is a gift for a special friend. 

This quilt of Tita's is just as comfy as it looks!

Here's Nancy's adorable little bear quilt.  LOVE IT!!!  I've got more of Nancy's quilts to show, just gotta find them on this computer...ugh!!  So look for more of Nancy's great work soon!

And this little bear is waving bye....until another day.......

 Thanks for checking on me,
Take care!
love to hear what you've got to say.............


Rhonda said...

Once again Joanne, you have done a marvelous quilting job. I love seeing al the quilts and your quilting brings them to life!!
Take care and keep cool. I think Texas has your cooler weather and you all have our HOT weather....strange.

Terry said...

I always love seeing so many beautiful quilts on your blog! Thank you again for doing such an amazing job on mine! And just for the record, I do sleep! LOL

Needled Mom said...

It is always fun to see the wonderful quilting designs that you add to the gorgeous quilts. The quilting really makes them come alive.