Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's all about the kids and giving - Scoops of Love

I think quilters are some of the most giving people I've ever meet.  It seems like we are always doing something for someone else. 
Here's a group of quilts that I had the honor of quilting for some kids in Moore, OK.  We have a guild member who is friends with a teacher in Moore and who has first hand witnessed the devastation a tornado has on a community. 
Sue (guild member) ask our guild if we would like to make smaller sized comfort quilts for the kids returning to school, below are just a few of the quilts that have been made.  I volunteered to quilt them in hopes of having more tops made
Here's the info Sue posted to our guild......
Hello Gals! OK I'm throwing this out there, in all of our busy schedules,
but I feel like maybe I have an opportunity here..I have a hometown friend
who is an elementary school teacher in Moore, OK. Here is a quote from her
facebook regarding her daughter who is 6 or 7.

"Fiona is starting to show signs of what she went through last week. She is
very clingy to me. She's quieter than usual. She's complaining of stomach
pains and she won't leave my side. She is wining that she wants to cuddle
with me. She wouldn't go to her church class today but instead had to sit
with me for a while. She had the chance to go sleep over the other night at
her bff's house but when she got there she couldn't do it, she had to come
home. Today she just started crying that she missed her teacher and wants
to see her. Later on she's asking me how long it takes to fix buildings -
100 min or 100 years. I think I'm going to have to take her by her school
(it's in the process of being fixed) tomorrow just so she can see. Even
though she didn't see the tornado, she had to walk through the carnage to
get to the car and come home. I'm really becoming concerned for her".

I had the idea, if I could get a headcount from Sheila, maybe we could adopt
a classroom. If enough gals had time over the summer to make smaller-
lap/twin size quilts, we could send each child/New England themed quilts for
a class for them to start off their new year which I'm assuming will be
challenging for the younger age groups.

I would be willing to spearhead the effort, if folks who were interested
could email me back. Each volunteer would be responsible for the costs of
their own quilt. I would provide one focus fabric to be in all the quilts,
and then each quilter can build on it from there. We could put our heads
together I'm sure.

I have no idea how big the class sizes are out there but I'm guessing at
least 20.
After some feedback from our members, Sue posted this......
Hello Ladies! I'm so excited about after receiving several replies. My
friend Sheila expressed that she would be honored to partner with us for
this effort. She said that both the Plaza Towers and Briarwood school had 4
classrooms per grade of 22 students each. Realistically with our guild and
neighboring support we could shoot for 88 quilts to cover at least a
complete 1st or 2nd grade at one of these schools. If I have an
overwhelming response I can shoot for another grade.
And so the piecing began.  Here's the quilts that I had the honor to help with......

You can see more photo's of these at my other blog....
If you are interested in helping out and would like to send a quilt, drop me an email or if you are on facebook, Sue has set up this facebook page.....
As always, thanks for checking on me,
love to hear what you've got to say..................


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I love the quilts you have quilted...what is New England Style?

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