Monday, September 24, 2012

Remeber these?? Help?

I've got 5 done, three more in a bag waiting.  Can't image there were only 8 designs, imagine that?  Starting something then loosing track of the project.  I would like to get this out of the UFO pile and finish, anyone know where I got this and if there were more?  Let me know, thanks in advance


Last week I won the Traveling Box #1 from Becky at The Quilting Book Lady.  If you would like to read about the origin of the box click here.  To find out the latest on where the boxes are you need to go to Sewingly Along.  I've already starting pulling things to go into the box, I'm excited about trading!
Last week was a busy week for me, I'm working like crazy trying to get guild things done. My machine didn't move too much, but I'll be back tomorrow to share photo's of some great quilts that I've had the opportunity to work with.  Here's a few pictures of guild projects that's kept me busy....

Above is my Mini-McDuff bag.  And below is a fold over tote that I found on the web to offer up for the guilds Bags, Basket and Bowls raffle at our spring show.

Honestly I think I'm directionally challenged.  I found this cute little bowl and decided that it was too small so I changed it, of course, that changes all of the other fabric dimensions that need to be re-figured.  Offering this one up too for the guild.  Yes, I am crazy!!

Okay, got to scoot, tons of things to get done today, hoping to get a quilt off of the frame and I've got a couple of gals to call about their quilts.
See me again tomorrow with a quilts only post!!
love to hear what you've got to say.................


Terry said...

I remember those stitcheries, but I can't tell you where they were from. I love those bags, especially the first one.

Suzan said...

Years ago I really enjoyed embroidery. I can't make myself do it anymore and I think that is because I am so obsessed with my sewing machine! If I could figure out how to do a decent looking sewn down binding, I would never do any hand sewing at all except putting hems in pants!

Allie said...

Hi Joanne, that pattern was a free BOM from Paula Stoddard at Pacific Patchwork. There are 12 blocks in all, I think.

It's not free anymore.

Love your new projects!!!

Sharon said...

Ohhh your bags r wonderful!