Monday, June 11, 2012

It was a beautiful weekend here in New Hampshire! Lots of sun and warm weather.  One of the really, really great things about our location is it never seems to get "HOT". Even on days when the humidity may be high we always seem to have a nice breeze to help keep us comfortable.  It might be 80 degrees but it's a very comfortable 80.  AND the weird thing...if it's 80 in Grantham it's 85+ in Lebanon, aka "town" (that's the closest town where most of the Grantham people work and/or shop).  Okay, on to the quilts!

I had a busy weekend finishing Karen's quilts, so Karen if you are reading my post I'll be shipping your quilts home in the next couple of days!  Also worked on a small stack n'whack for Betty Ann. Today's quilts are brought to you by Janet and the Northern Lights Quilting Guild. 

Here's a quilt that Janet dropped off for me to work with. It's a beautiful batik made by Klarey for one of her teachers.  Klarey (a student of Janet's) did all of the stitching and the layout.  Don't you just love the way she placed the colors on her quilt?  We used a variegated thread which shows up beautifully on the dark green backing and decided that a simple loop design would work perfectly.

Our guild makes Comfort Quilts.  Here are a couple that I got to machine quilt for Northern Lights Quilt Guild.  I had to piece the backing and I like the way I offset the two pieces, it adds just a little bit more design when piecing two different fabrics together. 

 The second quilt for the guild was a sampler and had a variety of block styles.  I went with a simple meander to finish the top stitching. 

More pictures of these quilts can be seen at the other blog, as always here's the link:

That's it for today, headed to town for some groceries and to have lunch with the hubs.  Hope you have a wonderful week!

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Rhonda said...

As usual, your quilting is outstanding. I am so missing all my sewing projects but with helping mom get better, everything seems to be on hold. The only thing I've managed is to get in some canning. Sigh!

Barb said...

I always enjoy the quilts you show.

Needled Mom said...

I DO love the color placement on that quilt. The floral quilting is so pretty too.

Terry said...

Pretty quilts! I think I may have one to send off to you before too long. :0)

Clara said...

Wonderful work, as usual! Love that floral quilting, so beautiful! Enjoy your week, Joanne, today in Sicily's quite hot!!!

Allie said...

Get my room ready, I'm moving in. It was in the 90's here this weekend with unbearable humidity! And summer isn't even officially here...sigh.

LOVE the quilts and especially the quilting - you do such a beautiful job, girl!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Love the quilts and the quilting....well...I know how wonderful it is.


Vesuviusmama said...

Wait, wait! You are in Grantham? That is only about 30 miles from where my mom and sister moved to (acworth/Alstead). I was just up there. How cool! Maybe next time I am up there I can bring a quilt for quilting and meet a fellow blogger in person!