Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Was a Good Year!!

2017 was a good year for me in the quilting world.  I had the pleasure of meeting many new quilters and got to work with a huge number of talented women. I am so appreciative of their trust in sending their beautiful tops for me to work with.  You gals really make me look good!  As a small token of my appreciation, I put this fun little giveaway together for the quilters I worked with in 2017.  I want to thank you for making my 2017 a great one and I am looking forward to working with you in 2018 and beyond.

Numbers.  Life is all about numbers.

It's January 5th, how many of you are still focused on that New Year's resolution of improving your health?  It's all about tracking the numbers that reflect how well our body is doing.  Numbers.

It's January 5th and all over the U.S. we have set a huge variety of weather records.  More numbers.

It's January 5th and thanks to Tory, aka Fred my youngest, I've got 80% of my accounting work for taxes done!  Even more numbers.

This giveaway is all about the numbers if you haven't figured it out by now.  Here's what we're doing. Take a guess at the following questions.

1)  How many quilts did I quilt in 2017?

2) What are the missing numbers on the machines' stitch total?

#1 should be a pretty easy one.  Just take a wild guess at the number of quilts I finished for you gals in 2017!

#2 is going to be a bit tougher.  But not as tough as the lottery! Just take a wild guess at what the number might be.  I've blocked all but 3 of the place holders, so give it your best guess.  I'm thinking something like....921, that's my birthday, September 21st.  Or 515, Jeff's (hubbie) May 15th. birthday. Just put three numbers in there.  Might be a bonus for the most fun answer or one that I find interesting or special. Maybe. 

Loot:  With each of the three chances I will be giving a $50 quilting gift certificate, batting for your next quilt quilted by me, and lastly backing.  Backing and batting will come from this selection posted here on my blog. These will be for your quilt, again quilted by me.

First prize will be given for the closest to the actual number. Second given to the closest without going over. The third prize will be given to the closest guess over the actual number.

First prize winner will select which of the "loot" she would like to have, second receives second choice from the remainder and third will receive the leftover item.

Other giveaway info:

Submit your guesses by January 26th, winners will be announced the following day.

You MUST post your answer on this blog.  No Facebook or email answers will be accepted.  It's okay to post anonymously just be sure and also leave your name!  Very important, leave your first name and at least last initial.

Check the other answers.  If there are two of the same answers the first posting will be considered the winner.  I don't expect there will be hundreds of entries, so this shouldn't be a big deal.

All prizes have zero cash value.  They will expire at the end of 2018, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Prizes are transferrable.  If you will not be making a quilt and would like to gift your winnings to your bff, go right ahead, with my blessings.  But you MUST let me know that you have re-gifted your prize, just to keep track of what's going on.

One more thing..this giveaway is only open to customers from January 2017 - December 2017.  If you have any questions, please contact me via email:

Okay, here we go, the questions and pictures at hand:

#1  How may quilts did I quilt?

#2 What are the first three numbers on the little machine?

#3 What are the first three numbers on the big machine?

That's it gals.  Good luck!

And a super big thank you for making my 2017 a good one!

Thanks for checking on me,



give me your best guess!!

Note:  If you are really having issues and can't figure out how to post on blogger, email me. As always we'll work together to get it done!!

Thanks for playing!!


Katie V. said...

1. 98 quilts
2. 617
3. 519

Congrats on a great 2017 year and I hope I get some more tops done to mail to you in 2018 :)

JudyCinNC said...

1. 377

2. 641

3. 347

JudyCinNC. at least I tried

Anonymous said...

1. 198

2. 415

3. 666

Happy New Year and thanks for being so great to work with.

Tammie P

Anonymous said...

1. 310
2. 753
3. 357
Melynn N.

Anonymous said...

1. 350
2. 702
3. 920

Paulette Fraser

Anonymous said...

1. 360
2. 721
3. 528

Happy New Year! Congrats on 2017 !!
Sharon G.

Rita said...

Rita says...
1. 551
2. 463
3. 415

Anonymous said...

1. 282
2. 222 My birthday! I'm little so this is my guess for the little machine!
3. 805 My nephew's Birthday! (fun fact: He doesn't quilt!)

Deb G.

pat zimmerman said...

1. 475
2. 260
3. 949

Pat Z - vt

Karla Moran said...

1. 301
2.. 675
3. 421

rpfroggy said...

1. 213
2. 471
3. 127

Best to you in 2018!

Sue said...



Anonymous said...

Joanne Lendaro

Jan 6 at 1:20 PM

Thanks Joanne,

My numbers are
#1 378
#2 323
#3 115
Here ya go Joanne, hope I win. I did one other time.
Should have some quilts for you soon.

Sent from my iPad-Nancy

Anonymous said...

Irene MacArthur <
'Joanne Lendaro'

Jan 6 at 3:40 PM

Hi Joanne: Thanks--- 1) 115 2) 812 3 122

Maybe I’ll be lucky….. J Renie

Laura Eldridge said...

Laura Eldridge
Here’s hoping! :0)
1. 504
2. 737
3. 485

Anonymous said...




Sue jenks

Michelle A said...

Happy New Year! I love guessing games.

1. 318 for my wedding anniversary
2 711 for my birthday
3. 925 for my daughter

May this year be just as spectacular.
Michelle A - Florida

Pat marzi said...


Anonymous said...

It's Dierdre M.

Thanks for all you do for us quilters!

My guesses
62 quilts

Elizabeth Keene said...

Happy New Year Joanne!

1. 322
3. 068

Elizabeth Keene said...

Happy New Year Joanne!

1. 322
2. 128

Peggy Notestine said...

291 Quilts
Peggy N

Anonymous said...

448 quilts

Betsy M

Anonymous said...

1. 175
2. 624
3. 960
Thank you for sharing your talent with us!!
Sue Bennett

AlexS said...

682 quilts

Alex S from NH (Cute little Alex)

Dianne Estes said...

# 1 - 96 Quilts
#2 955
#3 - 514 (5 number of rescue dogs that I have helped with through PRVT and 14 for the day I adopted rescue dog Bernie The BrownXXO)

Michelle A said...

1. 208
2. 456

Anonymous said...

124 quilts 279 for #2 and 108 for #03

Anonymous said...

Last comment was Brandy Y

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! Thanks for doing and sharing all your beautiful work & knowledge with us!
1) 312
2) 040
3) 129
💕 Perpetua Fung

Linda Martin said...

#1- 535
#2- 210
#3- 607

Joanne Lendaro said...

Thanks for playing!! Comments are now closed.

Good Luck!