Monday, January 18, 2016

December Quilts are here!

Need to get these posted so I can start making room for all of the wonderful January quilts!!  I've been a busy gal already working on all of those great quilts that patiently waited while working on these wonderful quilts in December!

First quilt comes from Elizabeth here in NH, I believe this was a gift for her in-laws, a quick and easy one!  We used a darker thread to showoff the flowers in the quilting that matched the fabrics she used.

Next, Jane from NH, made this super cool braid quilt for her grandson.  Love the black, white and the way the red just pops right off of the quilt!  I'm sure it's going to be a well loved quilt for many years to come!

Jeannie, again from NH made this great quilt for her son and new daughter in law.  The quilting design is call Vine from Anne Bright, and is a great mix of lighter quilting and elegance.  

This is one of my quilts, yep, I finished another one!!  UfO from 2009 or 2010, I think, pretty bad when you can't remember, ugh!  This was #5 finish for me this year from the guild challenge!!   So, so glad it's done!

Here's a striking quilt from Judi in FL!  Love the bright colors on this one.  If I recall correctly this is a top that Judi was working on at the retreat.  See?  We do actually get some sewing done!

WOW!!  Absolutely love the way Kate arranged the colors on this brightly pieced strip quilt!  Kate requested a water themed quilting design, using the design Calm Waters from designer Anne Bright, I think it turned out perfectly!

Here's just one of the two fun little quilts Laura pulled together.  LOVE the blues and the Beaded quilting design keeps the quilts on the modern side.  Perfect match for the quilt and the quilting, good job Laura!

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy.  She sure does keep both me and her sewing machine busy!  Here's three of her latest projects.  Love them all, but again the bright one with the machine applique leaves....stunning!  I think it's all about the color for me this month...

Peggy in NC did a great job on finishing these great projects.   The first is a completely flannel one that will be a comfort for it's owner!  It was super soft and we kept the quilting on the light/medium light side not to add stiffness.  Peggy's third quilt from what I understand is a re-work/UFO/help me finish this kinda project for a daughters friend.  The top was made by a grandmother (I believe) but not finished.  Peggy stepped up, added a border got it quilted and now the young lady has a completed quilt!  Way to go, Peggy!

Wonderful quilter Rebecca in NC sent these two great quilts my way.  I love seeing boxes from Rebecca, she does such great work!  Her first quilt was a work of love.  Again, a quilter stepped up to finishing a project started by someone else.  This quilt is for her granddaughter, and was started by her granddaughter's "other" grandmother.  Rebecca did a wonderful job of finishing it up!  Another great treasure...

Wanted to pop in here and comment on Rebecca's other quilt.  This was a block exchange from her quilting bee.  OMG!!  I want to belong to this bee, the colors and the fabrics the ladies used was nothing short of perfection!  Take a moment to click and view all of the wonderful fabrics and color combinations.

Sandra got this wall hanging to me and we just barely got it finished so she could hang it this year!  It will see the entire Christmas season next year!!  Don't you just LOVE the ribbon border?

Perfect for a man in her life, Sharon in VT pieced this great quilt for her son.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors!  Great design too!  We went with a curvy slightly leafy design to balance/offset the straight lines on this quilt.  I'm sure Christmas morning was wonderful for both Mom and Son!

How stinking cute is this quilt?  Tabitha used batiks to make this adorable owl quilt for one of her daughters!  She selected a bright thread and a super flowery design to blend in most of the blocks, but become an accent in the solid ones.  It is just way too cute!!

Last quilt of the month is from Kitty in NJ.  An amazingly soft, snugly I Spy quilt for her grandson made it home and under the tree for Christmas morning!! (Binding may not have been done, but hey, we've all done it!)
Kitty used a ton of different fabrics and bordered the quilt with a fun polka dot fabric that works just perfectly!

And then it was time to finally decorate the tree!  Our Christmas tree was almost 16' tall!!  How do you decorate a tree that tall?  When you live with an engineer, you build a ladder.  My job however, was strictly holding the bottom of it!  
The hubbie loved it, good thing.....

That was it for the month of December, not too many quilts but I did stay pretty busy.  Running the machines like crazy trying to catch up.  I'll be back soon with the January quilts!  See you then, and as always.....

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Rhonda said...

Hi there! It's been awhile since I visited your blog. You were very busy in December. Love seeing your quilting. Great job!

KathyinMN said...

'Not to busy' -LOL. Understatement of the year! First, love your blue star quilt. I see my twin also liked it on Facebook, we are kind of into blues and I'm sure I have a few of those fabrics in my stash. Love how creative people are. I have some braids in my stash, the red in the one above is stunning. Great finish for the year!

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