Saturday, April 18, 2015

Life in the fast lane! I AM FAMOUS!!!

With a local guild show in the area I've been amazingly busy helping the gals get their quilts finished up so they could be displayed in the show.  Not sure how many I've done since I'm behind on my paperwork and it's all just shoved into a folder awaiting entry for the month.  Add a couple of days at MQX and it's been a busy month already.

While at MQX I had the opportunity to take a couple of classes with Judy Madsen from Green Fairy Quilts.  OH MY GOSH!!!   I am on her blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorta, in the 7th photo down you can see a part of my body on the left side of the photo and that's my BLUE CUP on the table!!!!  I am now famous!!  I have appeared on the Judy Madsen Green Fairy Quilts Blog!!!!!!!!!!  Autographs give upon request!!   Okay, okay, back to reality.  Judy is one of the most amazing quilters ever!  If you ever get the opportunity to take one of her classes, you MUST!  She is an amazing speaker, so delightful and entertaining.  Traveling with her sister as she has indicated in her blog post, they are a great team.  And getting a photo of Judy-impossible!!  She talks with her arms and is always moving, she just must crash when she stops.

While at Judy's blog see Lisa Calle?  Took a class with that adorable gal too. What a sweetie she is!  She managed to remain calm and composed while I was totally NOT following her directions during the class.  More on this later, yup, there is a story.

If you aren't familular with Judy's shop, you just don't know!!  BEST prices ever on the Moda line!!  I think Clint, her hubbie is the enabler of all enablers!!  I continually get emails tempting me with all those delicious fabrics at amazing prices!!  Here's a link just so you can be in the know and don't forget to sign up for the emails:

Here's my quilt, it's 1:00pm and it has to be at the school by 3:00 for the guild show and I've still got a sleeve to put on.  Managed the binding, label and sleeve all in a span of 4 hours, but hey, last minute still counts!!

Just another fun little project that I delivered yesterday.  I have been a (sorta) pita with the gal down at the town hall changing dates for our Grantham Sew Days so I took her this cute little mug rug.

Sure sign of spring-finally!  Caught this cute little guy munching in the yard.

Okay, signing off as a new famous person!!

Enjoy the weekend, hope there is sunshine in your life today!

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KathyinMN said...

That's so awesome. Thanks for sharing your work with us too, so inspiring.

And love the porcupine pic too! Made me giggle this morning. And look out my own window.

Needled Mom said...

I love Judi's work! You are definitely famous now!!! ;-)

QuiltShopGal said...

Can I get your autograph? What fun. I'm so happy you had a class with Judi. Way cool. Just wish I could have joined you.


barbara woods said...

Glad you got to take all those great classes

Barb said...

I just love Judy and was so glad that you got to take a class with her (jealous here).

Farm Quilter said...

Isn't if fun to take a class from quilters who inspire us?? Judy looks like a spitfire full of energy!! I took a couple of classes from Lisa Calle too - she's so sweet and such a fabulous quilter! Can't wait to hear that story!!

Terry said...

I already have your autograph! LOL But I have to agree that Judi's quilting is amazing! I loved seeing the little porcupine...we don't have anything that exotic around here. :0)