Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why we quilt

A while ago I posted about my friend Tita and the wonderful quilt she had just
finished for a young man. 

Here's Tita's photo of the quilt giving and short story.......

Josh has been our neighbor for 14 years and a good friend of both my sons. Often, I would find all three guys watching ESPN (naturally) and all of them wrapped in various quilt throws in the living rooms. Not the best quilts, but the quilts that can handle nachos , bagels and a big bowl of chili- usually all in one feeding!

This summer he was sitting there , holding a quilt and just said- Tita, I want a quilt. I started to ask him what kind cotton or flannel and my son told him to go for the flannel .

The pattern is the Turning Twenty quilt that takes 20 fat quarters and I can cut and sew the top in a week. To the young lad's credit, he even marveled at the quilting.
The label for his quilt read:

 For Josh
                    Who appreciates freshly baked cookies, a good sandwich and now quilts!
                    It's truly wonderful to have quilts received with such pleasure!

Thanks for the great machine quilting job!

Something else for us all to think about, did you see that Jenny from Missouri Star Quilts on the NBC Nightly News?  The segment was titled Not Your Grandma's quilt.  
 At one point in the interview Jenny remarks that she's making quilts to
be used and not put on the shelf! 
You go, Jenny!!!

I hope you enjoy making those quilts for the ones you love,
thanks for checking on me,


love to hear what you've got to say................


Clara said...

It's a nice story..... about the boy who loves the quilt! And it's a beautiful and... warm quilt. Take care and go on quilting!

Gene Black said...

That is exactly how I feel about quilts. Make them to USE. Go Jenny.

Great story from Tita.

Needled Mom said...

What a sweet story! Yep....that is why we quilt.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Ahhhh yes, quilts to be used and loved till they are thread bare, those are the best.

When I click through photos of estate sale announcements and see quilts that haven't been used for sale it just makes me sad...the joy and pleasure that could have been had that was passed up. Cheers to flannel and using them all up.


Stephanie Hughes said...

Your friend did a nice job with the quilt! It will be loved!

Barb said...

What a wonderful quilt....I love to see my quilts used as well..