Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's show a few quilts.....

Tita sent me this one...I've done a few of these and they always turn out wonderful.  Great pattern!

Sharon's quilt.....Love the modern quilting on this one!  The colors are wonderful, blues!

Sandra/Rachel/Mystery Quilter...Rachel dropped the quilt off, telling me that it was from a friend of Sandra's.  Since Rachel picked it up, I'm tagging her name in here.  Beautiful quilt!!

Sandra.....sometimes the fabric is just too pretty to cut.  I LOVE this one!!  It looks great on my bed too!!
Rachel......keeps me busy!!  Here's a few more that I've done for her.


Renie...her quilts are always perfect!  Here's a great fall quilt that I did for her a while ago.  LOVE those colors!!

Nancy.....made this quilt for her nephew who was on his way to college.  Don't you just love the music notes she had me quilt?


Marcy & Sloan's quilt.  Just to show how slow I really am at getting some of the quilt pictures posted...Marcy gave this quilt to her best buddy Sloan as a graduation present last May.  The first photo is Sloan when she opened the box, I think she liked it.  Sloan is a sweetheart!!

Great, got a few out of the "quilt to be blogged 2013" file.  Now to head over to Picasa to see what's lurking there needing to go into the "quilts to be blogged 2013" file.  In and out, in and out!!
Well, if you're still here, thanks for checking on me, I'm just as busy as ever
and hope all in your world is going manageable.
love to hear what you've got to say............


Terry said...

Beautiful quilts! Fancy bed you have there! :0)

Alicia said...

LOVE that "3" quilting. Very creative and pretty!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

What do I have to say? All I can say is WOW...beautiful quilts...love the greens and purples especially...go figure.

You have been busy...perhaps I need to come up there and give you a hand :)


Rhonda Phillips said...

Had to stop by and see what I have been missing out on. Great quilts!

Barb said...

fabulous quilts!

Melinda c said...

love the quilts but I really love your bed! I had one just like it when I was a kid. I dont know what happened to it.