Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Snowy Sunday...

As I pop in and out of facebook I see pictures of various locations still getting snow!  I think everyone  is ready for the warm sunny weather that Spring will bring.  Geri posted this morning she's enjoying 61 degrees, I am sooooo ready for it!!  The hubs has once again left the drywall, paint and all of his house repairs to hit the slopes for what will probably be the last skiing of the season.  Good for him!!
I've been keeping as busy as ever and my machine has just been a humming!  Here's a few quilts that I'm sharing for today.
Let's begin with Mary in NH. Mary brought me these three cute little quilts, I just love them all.  The first one has little hearts, the second has the ABC's and 123 design, and the last one has one of my favorites Cotton Candy. 
 Machine Longarm, Affordable Long Arm Quilting in New Hampshire and Vermont
 Machine Longarm, Affordable Long Arm Quilting in New Hampshire and Vermont
Next I have Carol.  Three quilts from her as well!!  Good things seem to come in threes!  The first adorable little quilt is for her grandson, loved the little lambs!  The batik quilt for her sofa we finished off using a design called Alex, and the third one was perfectly for the Secret Garden design.  All are designs of Anne Bright.

 Machine Longarm, Affordable Long Arm Quilting in New Hampshire and Vermont
 Machine Longarm, Affordable Long Arm Quilting in New Hampshire and Vermont

Next, is a quilt from Laurie.  This is one special quilt, and I know it's going to be well received and loved by it's new owner.

How about this great quilt from Judi!  She could be a one gal show!  I've still got a couple more of hers to finish.  Here's one for this week...

Eilene sent me this wonderful quilt to work with.  Love the way she set her blocks!  Very nice quilt, Eilene!!
Last but not least...One of MINE!!  Yep, can't believe I finally got this UFO finished!!  It was a BOM from Four Pines Quilt Shop from a couple of years ago.  DONE!!  I used the sew by machine binding shown on 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks blog.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this binding method!!  My friend Rhonda had a couple of suggestions that made it that much better!!  You have got to give this binding method a try, trust me you will LOVE it too!! Rhonda's suggestions:  1) stagger your seams, make sure the two colors don't come together in the same spot, reduces bulk.  2) GLUE - grab your Elmer's School Glue and glue that puppy down!  Helps you hit the mark when you do the top stitching. 

 Machine Longarm, Affordable Long Arm Quilting in New Hampshire and Vermont
Well, that's it for this week.  Need to get off of the computer and get the machine working so I've got a few more quilts for next week to show.  More pictures can be seen of these great quilts at my other blog:
Have a wonderful week, hope Spring makes it here soon!
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Barb said...

I so enjoy seeing what you are up the quilts.

Rhonda Phillips said...

Your binding looks great! I don't think I will bind a quilt any other way! Love the method!